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Peace Of Mind And Higher Returns Through Multifamily Investing.

About Instant Equity Investing

Tired of the stock market’s erratic and marginal returns? Maybe you would just like to diversify or maybe you like the idea of real estate investing but the thought of finding, evaluating and managing property just sounds like more than you want to handle. We offer an alternative.

We offer an alternative

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At Instant Equity Investing, we use our 20+ years of experience in real estate and property investing to find, evaluate, purchase and manage mid-size (typically 15-60 units) apartment buildings in growing areas.  We are currently investing in Tampa Florida, Charleston South Carolina and St. Joseph Michigan.

We focus on mid-size apartment buildings because buildings of this size are often difficult for other people to manage. They are on the larger size for the “mom & pop” operation but too small for onsite management and the “big guys”. However, we are able to excel in this market niche due to our sister company Real Property Management Instant Equity which manages mid-size apartment buildings throughout these areas for us and other property owners.

By focusing on these middle market properties we are able to achieve superior returns.

Why Invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

More Stability Than Other Investment Classes

Multifamily real estate investing historically has significantly less volatility than stock and bond investing. Investing in stabilized (greater than 90% occupancy) multifamily assets provides a stable cash flow which attracts the very best financing terms from the large agency financing companies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Higher Returns Than The Stock Market

Historically multifamily investing has produced higher returns than the stock market and other investment classes.

Tax Advantages

The tax advantages of real estate are significant and most are not offered to other investment classes such as stocks or bonds. Our investors are able to take advantage of depreciation write-offs, tax deferral methods and tax-free cash-out refinances to have an investment that produces steady cash flow at a significantly reduced tax rate and often no taxes at all.

Financial Freedom

A steady, disciplined approach to multifamily real estate investing can provide financial freedom through the buildup of steady cash flows and asset appreciation. We generally seek out properties that show an expected annual return of 14-18%. Add in the fact that much of the returns in real estate are subject to little or no tax and the long term difference in multifamily investing compared to the roughly 7-8% pretax return of stocks ends up being huge.

The Investment Process

Sign up

Sign up by clicking on the “Take the Next Step” button and fill out the no obligation online form.


We’ll have a short phone call with you to start to get to know each other and you can feel free to ask any questions, etc. If it sounds like we might have potential to work together, we will enter you into our database of potential investors which will notify you when an investment opportunity comes available.

Evaluate and Invest

When a potential property comes available, we will send you a business plan which will go over all of the details of the property and the investment. We will answer any questions you have and then you will confirm if this investment is for you. We will then fund the purchase and close on the property.

Enjoy the Benefits

After closing, we will keep you updated as we go and you will enjoy cash flow distributions and regular reporting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate is generally an illiquid investment which means that this should be considered a long term investment.  It depends a little on the property but generally we tell people to plan on 5-7 years.

There are generally 3 ways you receive your investment back out:

  1. Refinance – we often refinance the property after a period of time and return capital to investors.
  2. Sale of Property – When the property is sold, equity in the property is distributed to the investors.
  3. Share buyout – You sell your shares to the other investors or principals in the project.  This is often done simultaneously with a refinance of the property.  For example, if there are 5 investors in a property and 2 would like to cash-out and three would like to stay in the property then we could do a refinance and a larger share of the refinance proceeds are used as buyout funds and the 3 remaining investors have a larger share of ownership going forward.

We are currently investing in Southwest Michigan, Tampa Bay Florida and Charleston South Carolina.  We focus on larger, growing markets with a larger selection of mid-size apartment buildings and experiencing large yearly rental rate increases.  We also own property management businesses in each location.

As the people who make it all happen including finding and evaluating properties, putting together the partnership and managing the partnership, we generally get an ownership percentage of the property.  In addition, we also invest money and are investors in the property just like the other investors.

We generally look for mid-size apartment buildings (roughly 15-60 units) in growing locations that have solid occupancy but possibly need a little sprucing up with cosmetic improvements.  By doing relatively basic improvements, we can usually increase rents as apartments turn over which in turn increases the value of the property.  This “instant” increase in value is often referred to as “Instant Equity”.

Instant equity is a term in real estate used to describe an immediate increase in value.  With apartment buildings, this instant equity is typically produced by increasing rents or decreasing expenses which increases the property value and produces “instant equity”.  Another example, is when someone purchases a property at a below market price and so they have produced instant equity for themself.  In general, whenever you hire or work with a real estate professional such as us, the ultimate goal is that you want that professional to produce instant equity for you.

Our goal is for us to handle everything and just keep you posted as we go.

We typically pay dividends on a quarterly basis.

We have been purchasing and managing rental properties for over 20 years.  We currently have over 500 units under management.

We look for properties that have stable cash flow in good locations and that will likely qualify for Fannie Mae financing at the very best terms.

It’s impossible to predict the exact returns of a property.  However, we look for properties where our business plan shows an expected annual return to investors in the 13-18% range.

While it is impossible to predict exact future returns, being able to accurately project and influence the future cash flows of a property is really the “secret sauce” of real estate investing.  We think our financial background and investing experience in evaluating hundreds of properties gives us and our investors an advantage.

For most properties, the minimum investment is $50,000 but please contact us for more information.

We also own a sister company called Real Property Management Instant Equity which is part of the Real Property Management franchise system and we have offices in each location where we invest.  We feel this is a big advantage over other investors because finding a good property manager is often the most difficult part of a real estate investment.

No, any personal guarantees are provided by us so you do not need to personally sign on any of the mortgage obligations.

No, it doesn’t matter where you live within the U.S. to invest with us.

We keep all files and financial records electronically which you will have access to 24/7 through our online portal.  It’s very similar to a system you might have with your stock advisor where you can go online and view historical transactions, performance, etc.  We also send all dividend payments to investors electronically.  With that said, we can also do things the “old fashioned way” with paper transactions, checks, etc.

Communities We Invest In

Southwest Michigan

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