About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom by producing peace of mind and higher returns through multifamily investing. 

What We Do

How do people normally get started in real estate investing? They buy a property and a) manage it themself, b) have someone manage it for them or c) invest in a partnership managed by a third party with the right expertise and experience to help them not only take care of properties but also scale their investment portfolio.

We are a team of real estate investing and property management experts who locate, analyze, acquire, and manage mid-size (usually 15-60 units) apartment complexes in expanding neighborhoods.

Who We Work With

Investing is one of the keys to multiplying your earnings if you want to build wealth. Yes, there are some risks as with everything, but what if the risks are relatively small when it comes to real estate investing?

If you are ready to diversify your investing portfolio, you are in the right place.

Paul Heaps - Managing Partner

Paul Heaps is a full-time real estate broker, property manager and investor. Paul purchased his first investment property in 1998 and has been full time in real estate for over 20 years.

While many people know of Paul as part of the Heaps Team with his wife Becky, it is real estate investment that is his first passion. Prior to real estate, Paul graduated from the University of Michigan Business School and worked in finance for one of the “Big 4” accounting firms now known as Price Waterhouse Coopers. His financial background and experience doing business valuation work provided a knowledge base not always found in real estate investors.

Mark Dowsett - Managing Partner

Mark is a full-time property manager and co-owner of Real Property Management Instant Equity in Tampa. After graduating from Grand Valley State University and working in the Grand Rapids area for about 2 years, Mark picked up and moved to Tampa to open the Real Property Management office.

Upon moving to Tampa, Mark knew no one and had no initial business contacts in the area. Despite this, Mark worked diligently to build the Tampa office to over 200 rental units in less than 5 years.

Mark now has an established network of investor clients, contractors, vendors, realtors and many other people necessary to run a successful property investment and management business.