Problems We Solve

Create that steady cash flow to achieve the financial freedom that you have been dreaming of. We help you make good multifamily real estate investment decisions to gain superior returns and peace of mind in these unreliable times.

More Stability Than Other Investment Classes

Multifamily real estate investing historically has significantly less volatility than stock and bond investing. Investing in stabilized (greater than 90% occupancy) multifamily assets provides a stable cash flow which attracts the very best financing terms from large agency financing companies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Higher Returns Than The Stock Market

Historically multifamily investing has produced higher returns than the stock market and other investment classes.

Tax Advantages

The tax advantages of real estate are significant and most are not offered to other investment classes such as stocks or bonds. Our investors are able to take advantage of depreciation write-offs, tax deferral methods and tax-free cash-out refinances to have an investment that produces steady cash flow at a significantly reduced tax rate and often no taxes at all.

Financial Freedom

A steady, disciplined approach to multifamily real estate investing can provide financial freedom through the buildup of steady cash flows and asset appreciation. We generally seek out properties that show an expected annual return of 14-18%. Add in the fact that much of the returns in real estate are subject to little or no tax and the long-term difference in multifamily investing compared to the roughly 7-8% pretax return of stocks ends up being huge.

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